Walkthroughs, information, resources and maps
to the quests and adventures in Shroud of the Avatar.

Shroud of the Avatar is still in the pre-alpha stage, so all the information may change.


Armando Malatesta: Try to kill every elf in the camp outside Higvale gate, and you will find the am...

Libefise: Quest sent me to Kingsport where I had to speak with Anton about Kelly. He then ...

Drahcir: I found and spoke to Cyannis, but before I asked about Aldorn I was given the qu...

Kabalyero: i just mined a few of these gems... now, I know what they are for... thanks... :...

Black Tortoise: I have a Mystic Graff Gem. The folks outside the mine did not care at all that I...



Checked Kiln on my way to north. There was nothing except cistern, that had been invaded by monsters.


I have not updated the site because I can’t play because of the [PELICAN]-error.


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Changed the Shogun Siranto to The living dead and added Path of Love


Added Sanity lost and Love hurts, new quests at Ardoris.