Walkthroughs, information, resources and maps
to the quests and adventures in Shroud of the Avatar.

Shroud of the Avatar is still in the pre-alpha stage, so all the information may change.


Kabalyero: i just mined a few of these gems... now, I know what they are for... thanks... :...

Black Tortoise: I have a Mystic Graff Gem. The folks outside the mine did not care at all that I...

Acaelus Fireharp: Upon entering Xenos Talk to Notus the elf, he can be found on a stage behind a p...

Acaelus Fireharp: To gain passage to Artifice, you have to collect Black steel ore for the harbor ...

Acaelus Fireharp: Talk to Widget the trainee blacksmith in the blacksmith's shop on Etceter docks....



Due to the fact of not having time to play and update the site, I put this site for sale. If you are interested, mail me beolthain@questsoftheavatar.com.


Checked Kiln on my way to north. There was nothing except cistern, that had been invaded by monsters.


I have not updated the site because I can’t play because of the [PELICAN]-error.


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Changed the Shogun Siranto to The living dead and added Path of Love