Bridge of the living dead

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Ashton at Soltown. This quest gives you 5000 experience & 750 gold and zombie emote as a reward and has no comments.

Ashton, a villager in Soltown, offered me a reward for recovering his grandmother’s keepsake from the awakened dead that are plaquing Solace Bridge. He gave me a few potions that would help stop the disease they spread, and said that bartender sold more.

I met Ashton at Soltown, hooded fellow, a bit strange at first sight. I asked if he needed any “help” and he told me we need to “take the fight to the dead”. Ah, ok. To the dead… What?! I just got here! I was a freaking shadow in a flying rock! I reshaped my body in front of a mirror! I answered to invasive questions of a … a … I don’t even know. But now I’m here. Everything is different, but yet familiar. Breathe in and out…

So I travelled back to Solace Bridge, this time I walked. When I entered the gates I was attacked by those slowly moving mounds of flesh. I took my bow and killed all of them. I received few flesh wounds and they infected rapidly. I quaffed a potion Ashton gave me and that healed me. I was walking through the nightmare once again and shot arrows with my bow and killed those zombies until I found Grandma Kellen’s Recipes. This must be it.

Ashton in Soltown rewarded me for helping to cull the numbers of awakened dead in Solace Bridge.

Well, that it and all’s good then? Well, nope! Why is my mind and body trying to bend my will into thinking this is normal? I killed zombies and I found myself thinking it is normal. Hmpf. I need ale.


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