Love, poem and the bitch

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Japeth at Soltown. This quest gives you 1500 experience & nothing as a reward and has no comments.

A local farmer is in love with Emily, the barmaid at the Soltown Inn. Sadly, he is afraid to tell her how he feels. He asked me to give her a poem that he wrote for her and find out if she feels the same way about him.

I lift my head from the ale I had in front of me to take a look at Emily, the snobby barmaid that just said louder than necessary tha she waits for a handsome guard from Ardoris to take her away. I tried to concentrate what Japeth said to me seconds ago. He spoke something about “love”, “Emma” and a “poem”. I shook my head and took Japeth’s poem and walked to Emily.

I tried to clear my head and think how to approach Emma. Ale was stirring my thoughts but at last after a lot of stuttering of love, Japeth, poem and other things I had a moment of clarity and said “Japeth wants you to have this poem”. And so I gave Japeth’s poem to her.

“Emma thought the entire idea of Japeth’s love risiculous. Now I have to decide how to break the news to the farmer.”

I had seen these kind of women in my own time and place. They deserve just what they have coming. But I didn’t want to break Japeth’s heart, so I told him “she is in love with another”. A basic white lie, that works almost every time. I could also said the truth, that “she does not” love Japeth.

“I lied to spare Japeth’s feelings.”

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