A missing relic

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Declan Robinson at Resolute. This quest gives you 2000 experience & Cuthbert Undead Bane -mace as a reward and has 2 comments.

The Lord Marshal of Resolute told of a missing relic, a mace that had special powers against the undead, that could be found in the ruins of Highvale

We spoke of “missing relic” in Highvale with Lord Marshal, and he told me that I should keep it if I find it.

“There is a relic of the Knights that I believe was left behind in the battle of Highvale; a mace, specifically, that had a special enchantment designed to combat the undead.We do not see many of the undead here, but there was a time when the Knights stood against them as we do all enemies of Norgard. If you find this relic, I would rather it be kept in your keeping than the looters who pick after the ruins of our shame. You need not bring it back; I suspect you will find more use for it in your travels than I.”

I took my backback, and checked my arrows and set my foot on the road. It took me once again to the notorious Highvale. There were a great number of bandits looting the place, and battling the elves. I joined the fight, and got inside the fortress once again. I had searched a lot of places before, but I had not yet dared to go to the cemetery. I had bad memories of thing rising under the dirt.

I got ambushed by few bandits at the stables, and then some of them attacked me at the cliff below the bridge. I defeated them with surprising ease. I got cocky and then a fireball hit me. I panicked and broke my bow. I ran to the safety of the rocks. I was prepared and too another long bow from my back and let the arrows fly. After the fight I crouched behind the grave markers and found the mace on the northern side of the cemetery, laying beside the fence. I grasped it and held the first enchanted weapon of my life in my hands; Cuthbert Undead Bane!

I ran back to the Resolute to see Lord Marshal and told him I had found their “missing relic”.

“I told the Lord Marshal of Resolute I had found the missing relic of the Knights in Highvale, but he insisted I keep it.”

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  1. The Mace is actually on the south wall. North side of the wall, but its on the South wall.

    By Trent at August 30th, 2016, 20:48
  2. Gained 2000exp and mace as a reward

    By Syutkin at January 29th, 2017, 18:17

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