A thing with a Charlotte Gray

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Abigail at Soltown. This quest gives you 2500 experience & Backflip emote as a reward and has one comment.

Abigail, a refugee in Soltown, asked me to look for her daughter, Charlotte Gray, in Solace Bridge and return if I found any news of her.

NOTE! This quest has changed and can be found here.

I went back to Solace Bridge. I fought the zombies and finally found Abigail’s daughter, Charlotte.

She was with an elf called Kiakis at the ruins near the bridge.

“I talked to the child survivor, Charlotte Gray, in Solace Bridge and promised to carry word of her location to her parents in Soltown.”

I went back to Soltown with heart full of sorrow and confused.

“I bought news back to Abigail of her daughter, Charlotte Gray. Hopefully this family can be reunited soon, but Abigail was overjoyed to learn tha Charlotte was alive and safe.”

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  1. I think the quest has changed. She was not with the elf so I asked Edvard. Edvard said he found her body and her father’s in the ruins. I checked the smoldering house nearby and confirmed the corpses of an adult and a child. I’ve tried to tell Abigail but I can’t seem to find the right keyword.

    By Justin Kephart at August 3rd, 2016, 05:31

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