Agents of Oracle

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Lauren at Kingsport. This quest gives you no experience & nothing as a reward and has no comments.

I met, working amongst the smugglers, a oung woman named Lauren who was surprisingly open about her true nature; she among with others, was sent by someone called “the Oracle” to watch for …me. Apparently there is some sort of prophecy about people from other worlds such as myself, and they were sent to confirm whether I was the fulfillment of this prophecy. However, their expedition met with disaster shortly after entering the vale from the ruins in the south; the undead followed them through the portal they used to travel here, and now they feel honorbound to deal with this new menace before returning.

I asked if she needed “help”

“Find the other members of our group – Wycliffe, Norman and Halmar. See if anyone has any way to leave this place. I promise we will tell the Oracle you helped us.”

I traveled far and wide until I came back to Owl’s Head. Naturally I went to the Fire Lotus Tavern for a pint. After a little chat with Thomas, the bartender he slip out my first clues.

“Thomas, the talkative bartender at Fire Lotus Tavern, let slip that a man named Wycliffe arrived with a group shortly before I arrived here. I should try to talk to him, though Thomas implies he may not be friendly.”

Brave soul that I am, I went and spoke to this Wycliffe asking first about “Halmar”. He confirmed my initial thoughts that Halmar in question was indeed the guard I met at Braemar. I offered him some ale and asked about “Norman”, and he started to speak.

“At last I may have made some headway with Wycliffe. He directed me to the Owl’s Nest caves where a compatriot of his named Norman was detailed. He was not been heard from and if I can find out why, Wycliffe has said he would be “appreciative”, whatever that implies.”

I booked a bunk at the tavern and in the morning ventured towards mountains east of Owl’s Head. After a perilous journey I finally found Owl’s Nest, a nefarious hideout of the bandits called Red Sash. That is also where Norman was being held up. I found him, and I also found Kelly and bantid leader Blackpond. So once in a while everything went better than planned! I had to defeat three Red Sash bandits, who had captured Norman. I told Norman I’d help him “escape” and asked more about “bandits” and this “Nestor” I heard from Kelly.

“I found and rescued an agent of the Oracle named Norman, who had been captured by the bandits of Owl’s Nest. He mentioned that they were being led by a necromancer of the Obsidian Order.”

After all my good deeds were done I once again climbed the high hills towards Owl’s Head. After a day I arrived and went to tavern as usual and sat in front of Wycliffe with a foaming stout in my hands. I repeated the words Norman told me; “Norman is coming”.

“Thank you for your rescue of my associate. You may yet be of some use to us. Did you determine anything out of the ordinary about the bandits holding him captive?”

I told Wycliffe about the “necromancer of the obsidian order” Norman told me and Wycliffe got interested. I told him about rumors I had heard from “Ravensmoor”. And he told me rumors of “lich lord”. Now I think I crossed some invisible line, because Wycliffe started to talk. A lot.

“Wycliffe has finally entrusted me with his plan – a bold foray into the heart of the undead here in the Vale, the ruins of Ravensmoor, south of Braemar. Once there, I, and my friends if I have any I trust with such a task, are to defeat the commander of the undead legion, a lich lord of great power. Once this threat is dispatched, I should then return to Wycliffe with the news.”

I am still on my way to find friends, for I am merely a mortal. I have no strenght to face a necromancer in his full wrath.

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