Ale shipment

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Flynn Gibson at Braemar. This quest gives you 6000 experience & 700 as a reward and has 7 comments.

Flynn Gilson, the innkeeper in Braemar, asks you to inquire with the innkeeper in Kingsport why Braemar has not seen any ale shipments in weeks.

Ale! Beer! Stout! My three good friends, and now Flynn tells me one is missing when I asked about Ale from Kingsport.

“If you get up to Kingsport, can you ask the innkeeper there why we haven’t gotten any ale shipments in the past few weeks? I know that there have been wolves and the occasional undead along the road, but this is ALE we’re talking about! If you can let him know we are running dry, I’ll be grateful!”

So I went to the inn at Kinsport the same day and said to innkeeper: “Ale shipments”.

“I spoke to the innkeeper at the Hearth of new Britannia, Abbott, about the taverns in the Vale not receiving shipments of ale. It seems that Kingsport is suffering from a shortage of trade in general, being cut off from the mainland He suggested perhaps I should talk to Anton, at the warehouse on the docks, to try to resolve this.”

I went to docks and found a warehouse full of people. First floor there was a beautiful woman that wanted help. And on the third floor I found Anton, the smuggler leader. We talked about ale shipment and “our niche in solving”.

“Anton, the leader of Kingsport’s smugglers, has offered to provide beer for the Fire Lotus Tavern in Owl’s Head similar to how he imports ale for the Kingsport tavern. I am to inform Thomas, the Owl’s Head bartender, that Anton of Kinsport has a solution for his empty taps.”

Angered, I traveled to Owl’s Head and spoke to Thomas about “ale shipment” to “get a proper lager reliably” and “what needs to be done” to achieve that.

“I brought the bad news to Thomas, the barkeep of Fire Lotus Tavern that no shipments of beer and ale would be coming from Kingsport for the foreseeable future save through Anton’s smugglers. He took the news well enough, and gave me 500 gold bonus for brokering the deal between he and Anton for continued delivery.”

I had a stout and a beer and felt sad about the missing third brother. I examined other inhabitants of this establishment. Strange, but not the strangest folk I have seen in taverns. I traveled back to Braemar and told Flynn about new “Ale shipments”.

“I brought the bad news to Flynn, the innkeeper in Braemar, that no shipments of beer and ale would be coming, from Kingsport for the foreseeable future. He took the news well enough and gave me 200 gold for my trouble.”

I am sad.

7 Responses to “Ale shipment”

  1. Really cool site!

    I am still having trouble with this quest. I’ve spoke to Anton but now cannot figure out how to deliver the news to Thomas. I even tried, “What needs to be done” as I thought that might have been your hint.

    By Talend at March 26th, 2015, 04:32
  2. You have to start conversation with “I spoke to Anton” or just say about “ale shipments”. Then “what needs to be done” becomes clickable.

    Welcome and thank you! You were the first commenter.

    By Janne at March 26th, 2015, 08:48
  3. I updated the quest and added more lines to talk to Thomas at Fire Lotus Tavern.

    By Beolthain at April 6th, 2015, 22:41
  4. This now only give 3K XP and 500 gold… as of 8/13

    By Karoth at August 13th, 2016, 23:21
  5. You should visit Braemar and Owl’s Head also. Innkeepers will give you separate xp.

    By Beolthain at August 26th, 2016, 23:23
  6. You get 3k from Owl’s Head and another 3k from Braemar.

    By Beolthain at August 17th, 2016, 21:36
  7. The “talk with the npc” in chat form, is a broken mess so far.. awful quest system, very boring.

    So far, a game about costly houses, it is useless for 99% of players.

    Good luck to make this interesting.

    By Josh at October 12th, 2016, 05:48

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