Amulet of Testimony

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Gawain at Battle of Highvale. This quest gives you 5000 experience & 75 gold as a reward and has 7 comments.

A dying knight of Norgard entrusted me with what he called an amulet of Testimony. It was very important to him that I bring it to his compatriot, a woman named Brigid, in the city of Resolute. He also gave me a key that I will need to leave this place.

Attention: This quest is only available in Battle of Highvale, which is either a prologue, or the first time you enter the area. Do not try to complete other Highvale quests you might have with this instance.

I was confronted with a dying knight at what seemed as a broken lunargate. He told me he had mortal wounds and I should take his “amulet” back to Brigid.

I agreed to complete the brave mans last wish.

I walked around this fortress, that had seen an attack. It reminded me a lot of my own experience in the Solace Bridge. It was dead silent. And my surprise was tenfold when I saw a living person in the middle of all corpses. And I knew him – Samael the Spirit-talker that I met few weeks before inthe Peladjar Inn at Ardoris! He didin’t have the mood of talking too much with me. I left him with his own quest and opened the main gate.

Outside were few elves, and the were a lot easier to defeat than those I had met at Greymark Forest in Hidden Vale.

I went back to Resolute and to Brigid. She was at the tavern and I had spoken with her before. Now she knew something had happened. I said I had news of “Gawain”. She burst out in anger that I should make Titan Grannus hear that there are those who still serve him whether he cares or not!

“I gave Knight-Captain Brigid her subordinate Gawain’s amulet of testimony. Gawain’s final words awoke something within Brigid I had not yet seen. A knight she remains.”

After that we spoke a lot. Or mainly I listened when Brigid ranted about lost cause and courage. I asked about the “court” of Valhold, and her eyes lit up.

“Knight-Captain Brigid, moved by the scrifice of Gawain, gave me her amulet of testimony, and bade me press it in the hand of Grannus, titan of Courage and King of Norgard, in his court in Valhold. My first step is to journey north to the village of Harvest and hire a boat to take me to Norgard.”

This concludes the Path of Courage quest for now until the town of Harvest is added to the game.

I travelled to north and took a boat to Norgard. Then hit the road even more north until I reached the broken gates of Valhold. I have never seen anything so sad in my life. Town and the people in it was broken to the point no one cared. Gates to the castle was shut tight. It started raining and I walked away.

7 Responses to “Amulet of Testimony”

  1. I got as far as delivering the amulet to Grannus, then was sent on another mission to deliver the royal warrant to Ferig.
    The reward for delivering the warrant was 500 gold.

    By Dave at August 27th, 2016, 04:25
  2. To enter the Palace, say “hail” to the guards. works with r37.

    By nemo at January 20th, 2017, 11:00
  3. I also got a quest from the High Chamberlain of Norgard, Essesm gave me a scepter headpiece that would send a message to lord Demig. I got this quest in the same visit to the palace as I got the quest to take the warrant to Ferig.

    By Waldo Ptolomy at March 12th, 2017, 18:04
  4. I have received the baton and the diplomatic note to korabar to enter the Kobold city Shrekk. I cant give the letter to the gate kobold and cant continue to give the baton then.

    By Torsten at April 28th, 2017, 04:03
  5. I was able to go in and find the kobold king, got a little further, but I am waiting for an action or the next step.

    By Waldo Ptolomy at May 17th, 2017, 02:20
  6. Got the quest, went to the tavern in Resolute…Brigid is not to be found…guess I’ll try back later.

    By Zebulan O'bailey at July 5th, 2017, 14:54
  7. Brought the amulet to the tavern in Resolute, and of course Brigid is no where to be found…guess she’s busy, I’ll try to find her later I guess…

    By Zebulan O'bailey at July 5th, 2017, 14:55

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