The Battle of the Solace Bridge

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Edvard at Solace Bridge. This quest gives you 2500 experience & nothing as a reward and has no comments.

After making my way across Solace Bridge, Edvard found me again and bid me take a notebook with his observations on the attack to Stanley, a guard that I should be able to find in Soltown. Edvard also offered me the use of a boat to leave for Soltown with all possible haste.

So, after the first battle with skeletons and rescuing poor child in Solace Bridge, I was face to face a gain with this bard named Edvard. He had “a favor to ask”. I accepted to bring his message to Stanley in Soltown, where that even may be.

I explored a bit the burning area next to castle and found ruins, and in them was a humanoid that called himself Kiakis the elf. We spoke a long time and I began to understand more of this prophecy and history of this land.

I found the boat under the bridge and sailed peacefully to Soltown.

There I found Stanley near the landing beach. I went to him and told “Edvard” had sent a message to him.

“I gave Edvard’s notes to Stanley, the guard I met in Soltown, after arriving from Solace Bridge. The town itself is now playing host to refugees from the attack, and Stanley asked me to see if I could help them.”

I asked Stanley who needed “help”.

“Stanley told me of some people in Soltown who could use my assistance, specifically Geof in the refugee encampment, Bentley in the tavern, and Annika and Edwin in the marketplace. Finally Stanley himself requires the services of a courier were I to head to Ardoris.”

So I went to see BentleyGeof, Ashton, Abigail and guards Evans and Harry.

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