Blackpond’s dagger

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Jarred at Braemar. This quest gives you 3000 experience & 500 as a reward and has no comments.

A former bandit named Jarred in Braemar asked me to take a small ritual dagger to a colleague of his in Owl’s Nest namet Blackpond. He assured me I would be rewarded for my trouble.

I saw right away that there was something iffy about this young man, Jarred. Still, I asked id he needs any “help”.

“So, there’s a group of friends of mine – some call them bandits I suppose – that are holed up in a cave called Ow’l Nest. I managed to find a keepsake for one as a favor, but given all the dangers on the road, I’m not in any hurry to take it back to him. However, if you are up in that direction, find the largest of them – he calls himself Blackpond – and tell him you have his dagger. He’ll reward you for it well, and I’ll have one less reason to risk my skin.”

He gave me a Dragonbone Dagger. I forgot about this and dagger altogether until I spoke to Wycliffe at Fire Lotus Tavern. I went over the mountains¬†to¬†Owl’s Nest east of Owl’s Head. I waited a long time for audience with this Blackpond. I told him “I have a dagger for you”.

“I delivered Jarred’s dagger to Blackpond in Owl’s Nest. Apparently it was actually for someone named Nestor, for purpose I cannot tell.”

Now I know it was for the obsidian necromancer to perform sick rituals further down the caves.

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