Blood River Massacre

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Fingers Slate at Blood River Massacre. This quest gives you no experience & Bonesteel dagger as a reward and has no comments.

Fingers Slate, the scavenger I met in the ruins of Blood River, offered a peculiar dagger in trade if I could find something worth his while. I should keep my eyes open for things that might be valuable to him while trying to discover what happened to cause such a battle.

I heard a rumor, that Blood River was a place of adventures. Well… It only shows how you must be humble and never seek adventure just for thrills. A saying comes to mind: “There is a curse, they say: May you live in interesting times”. I think I have lived just a bit in too interesting times…

When I entered the village, I was approached by a man who introduced himself to me as Fingers Slate. He was enthusiastic about his “dagger” and though how much he would get with that dagger at Kingsport. He was a scavenger. A carrion. He said I should offer somethign better so I could have the dagger. Why on earth would I want the dagger?

I walked away among the elven corpses with an ill feeling. In front of a burning gate I met Edvard, a wandering bard. I told him about the dagger and the incident with Fingers Slate. I needed “help with the “dagger”. He said it was a part of my destiny to find something valuable. And even Oracle might look the other way if I looted the corpses.

“Edvard, a wandering bard I met in Blood River, instructed me to talk to a nearby corpse scavenger about a dagger he might have in possession. Edvard seemed quite positive I would need it.”

I searched the tents and building and I found an axe struck in the wall and a sword. I showed them to Fingers but without luck. The smell of burning bodies and wood made me ill. I sat down and thought for a while. I was certain, that no matter what, the Oracle didn’t want me to loot the bodies. So I stood uo and searched the building once again. I read every note I could find…

And what did I find? Stupid attack made by stupid humans to a strange race of elves who didn’t understand what happened. Sigh…

I came back to a house where I found an axe in the wall. I searched the cabinets and there it was; a Bejeweled Elven Statue! I grabbed it and showed it to Fingers. He was excited that I had “found something better”. He traded the statue to Bonesteel dagger. I went back to Edvard and showed the dagger to him.

“I showed the dagger I found to Edvard, the bard I found in the ruins of Blood River. He recommended I journey onward to Aerie and ask the guildmasters there more of this dagger.”

So I travel to Aerie next.


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