Cai Lau’s brother

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Cai Lau at Ardoris. This quest gives you 3000 experience & nothing as a reward and has 3 comments.

Cai Lau, the guildmaster in Ardoris, asked me to speak to her brother Sheng Lau about her concern for his safety.

Cai Lau seemed a bit distracted the time I greeted her, so I asked if I could “help” her in any way. She told me of her problems with her brother and I agreed to help her. So I only had to talk to him. After finding him, of course.

“The merchant guildmaster of Ardoris, Cai Lau, asked me to go find her brother Sheng the hunter and ask why he insists on risking his life for the city.”

Well, I have spoken to a lot of people in this magnificent city, but at first I didn’t have the luck of finding Sheng the hunter. But alas, I was looking for the wrong places. Somehow I thought he was a guard, so I went to Palace of the Mountain to see if he’s there. Well, he wasn’t.

Sheng Lau was behind a tree in the Sequanna square. I asked him about his “sister” and questioned about his passionate comment of how “we don’t have time!”. But after I simply said “talk to her” he finally relaxed a bit and actually noticed me.

“I agreed to help Sheng the hunter by talking to his sister, the merchant guildmaster Cai Lau, of Sheng’s need to protect the city.”

So I went back to see Cai, who was few meters away in her own shop and told his brother wanted to “protect” the city from the undead.

“I spoke to Cai about her brother. Se asked me to return to Sheng and remind him that no matter what he felt his duty, she only has one brother.”

It was a fine day, sun was shining and seagulls singing when I entered from the door to Seguanna square once again and told Sheng what his sister felt. That he was her “only brother”.

“I managed to help Sheng and Cai reach the point where they could resolve their differences themselves without further assistance on my part.”

3 Responses to “Cai Lau’s brother”

  1. Right now she doesn’t have any quest. At least I couldn’t take any quest from her. I talked with her brother too but nothing works. I don’t know if is a bug o maybe the quest is off right now.

    By Extrems at August 12th, 2016, 08:59
  2. I had to talk with her brother first. The first part of the quest is not needed anymore.

    By Stefan at August 23rd, 2016, 16:34
  3. For some reason this quest don’t create any diary entry. Just make what the guide says and at the end you’ll get the 3000 exp points.

    By Soulessgingr at November 1st, 2016, 15:55

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