Childhood sweetheart

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Barkley Canis at Resolute. This quest gives you 3000 experience & 75 gold as a reward and has 4 comments.

Barkely Canis, a Knight of Norgard within the keep of Resolute, has asked after the location of his childhood sweetheart Felicia.

I was trying to find out the location of the Oracle at Resolute when I met a guard with a sad face. I asked what has “saddened” him. He told me of his childhood sweetheat, Felicia.

“Ah, the jewel of mine eye and the voice of the song within mine heart. I hast nary a idea whence she hath taken herself, for I hast not seen her since she was a child. Long ago I had to avoid her because of her fondness for cats – aspecied I confess I am quite allergic to…”

I had a bit of help. A fellow adventurer named Womby gave me a tip that I should seek a town named Aerie. And while I was coming from delivering a letter from Resolute to Ardoris, I smelled the cats. I asked one of the cats where does her mommy live and he pointed towards one of the doors. The smell was quite intense. But there she was, a woman called Felicia Purdue, surrounded by her cats. I asked if she “knew Barkley Canis”, and she remembered him. Felicia wrote a note to Canis that I agreed to deliver to him.

“I met Barkley’s friend, Felicia Pudue. She gave me a note to deliver back to him in Resolute.”

I met Knight Barkley at the Resolute and said “I had found Felicia”. He thanked me and gave me something to compensate my efforts.

4 Responses to “Childhood sweetheart”

  1. Just realized a man named Barkley Canis is in love with a cat lady….

    By Trent at August 30th, 2016, 21:04
  2. Quest now gives 3000 experience…

    By Chris at November 21st, 2016, 05:01
  3. Rewards confirmed.

    By nemo at January 7th, 2017, 12:24
  4. Rewards now 75 gold and 6000 exp.

    By Remie at October 28th, 2018, 18:53

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