The Epitaph records, part one

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Dr. Wynston Haevia at Desolis. This quest gives you 2500 experience & 250 gold as a reward and has 2 comments.

Dr. Wynston Haevia offered me a sizeable bounty for any record of the Obsidians I was able to bring back from the Epitaph. He seems especially interested in records of experimentation.

I went to the Epitaph, and using my previous route, where I found the sketchbook, I luckily evaded the crocodiles. I found the passage to inner halls on the right hand side. There were lot of dust and old prison cells. And last of them had an forgotten prisoner still inside! How could he still be alive?! He was mostly insane.

I fought against some underdwellers and barely won. They are tough, so beware! I took a left turn after prison cells and stared to the great chamber with many underdwellers shambling around. I took my bow and started to thin them out.

In the great chamber there were three doorways and three alcoves. I found in one of the alcoves the Experimental logbook and took it with me. The passage after one doorway was blocked by debris so I stepped to the last one with the skeleton of a dragon laying on the floor. I took the stairs up and found myself in some kind of a study. There I found another Experimental logbook.

I came back to where the crocodiles were and went through the doorway behind them. I managed to take maybe ten steps when I was attacked by an underdweller elf! And was he mean as a bag full of ferrets! I ran like a demon was behind me and managed somehow to the stairs. Noises from below, my sweaty and bloody appearance made armed prisoners snigger. I didn’t mind. I was alive.

I went outside and talked to Dr. Wynston Haevia and gave him Experimental Logbok 2 after telling him I found some “books” inside the Epitaph.

“I recovered a book of Obsidian lore for Dr. Wynston Haevia, for which he paid well. He will take any others I may find there.”

2 Responses to “The Epitaph records, part one”

  1. the second logbook is now lying on the butchery table in the dragon bone cave. Also, do not forget to open the sacks in the lab alcoven, need to sheathe your weapon first. I got 4 Rubies out of them, the big ones, not the fragments!

    By nemo at January 13th, 2017, 22:07
  2. He gives you 2500XP + 200gold for each logbook, so 5000XP 400g in total.

    By nemo at January 13th, 2017, 22:15

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