The Epitaph records, part two

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Elara Solstar at Desolis. This quest gives you 2500 experience & 200 gold and emote to Pontificate as a reward and has no comments.

Elara Solstar offered me a sizeable bounty for any record of the Obsidians I was able to bring back to her from the Epitaph. She recommended searching places of experimentation for such things.

I found the Experimental logbook the same time I searched for records toDr. Wynston Haevia. I will add a map of the Epitaph later when I have time to draw it. Preferably in the Kingsport tavern with lots of ale in front of me.

After I managed to get back from the Epitaph I told Elara I had found fragments of “Obsidian history” within the Epitaph, she got excited.

“I recovered a book of Obsidian lore for Elara Solstar, for which she paid me well. She will take any others I may find there.”

Yeah, sure she would… As long as she can be out here in the sun.

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