Escape from the Clink

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Myra at Owl's Head. This quest gives you 7500 experience & nothing as a reward and has 2 comments.

Myra told me of her brother, Myron, who was being held captive in a jail here called the Clink. Apparently it is a sort of debtor’s prison, which the guards have been using for their own purposes. Myra begged me to do something about Myron’s imprisonment, and gave me a key that would take me further within the jail. I believe I can find the entrance to this jail within Owl’s Head main keep, southwest of the town hall.

While I was minding my own business and thinking about a nice bowl of broth I found myself standing in front of a stall. Merchant named Myra had a sad face so I felt sorry for her and asked about her troubles. She told me about her “farm” and her “brother” and then continued with their troubles of not paying their debts. I got interested, because Lord Enmar has always been nothing but a fair man to me. She gave me the key to Clink.

I went to Clink from the main entrance. I had to sign a ledger to get in. I know I could get inside by a trap door which is at guards house. There is something really wrong in the Clink to say the least. There was slain inmates and guards, and even an chest resembling Mimic! I ventured downwards, slaying kobolds and bears on my way until I found Myron being held in lowest pit of the Clink. Myron is a broken man, tortured to pieces. He begs I give him the “key” and I agree.

“I found Myron, Myra’s brother, locked deep within the Clink and clearly tormented. He pleaded with me to kill him, and when I tried to give him Myra’s key, he threw it away. My only choice now seems to be to leave him, and then tell Myra that he would not leave the prison. I could also kill him as he asks, though I would guess Myra will not be pleased…”

A I grew up in a farm so I know about the suffering of caged animals. And when to be a liberator. I looked deep into this mans eyes and I saw no hope, no life left. I killed him quickly and without redemption.

“I gave Myron the release he sought. Myra should be told the news, though I do not think she will take it well.”

I walked back to Myra and teld her that “Myron is dead”.

“I told Myra that I had killed her brother Myron in the Clink. She was, to put it mildly, not happy with me.”

Nor am I. She will never buy or sell things to me.

2 Responses to “Escape from the Clink”

  1. I could not bring myself to kill the poor fool. I left him and told his sister he would not leave. She was upset but optimistic she will try to convince Lord Enmar to free him at some point. She gave me a handsome reward.

    By Vlad at October 10th, 2016, 07:42
  2. Do not kill Myron and instead (like it is written in the Quest journal, key “J”) tell Myra “he would not leave the prison”. +7500 XP +1000Gold

    By nemo at January 17th, 2017, 11:55

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