Escort over Solace Bridge

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Charlotte Gray at Solace Bridge. This quest gives you 9500 experience & Map of Ardoris, Edvard's notes on Solace Bridge and Backflip -emote as a reward and has 4 comments.

I found myself in a burning village. I could hear the noises of battle all around me. I should try to find a way out.

I heard faint crying from the burning building to the east of me. Confused I ran to the building, stopped at the first room to listen, and continued to dash upstairs when I heard the crying again. There was a scared child next to the bed. She said her name was Charlotte Gray. And in between the sobs she asked me to help her find her parents. I could have said “no”, but I just couldn’t, so I said “yes”.

“I found a child named Charlotte Gray in a burning building within Solace Bridge. I promised to try help her find her parents.”

I walked downstairs and noticed a body near the door, and a letter on the table. I took the letter and examined the body. Outside everything was burning. I stumbled to the what I thought was the main gate, and tried to pry it open. I heard the child say that the body next to me was some officer she knew. I searched his pockets and found the gate key. Now the gate opened nicely. First thing that made sense this morning.

Outside was a bridge and a older man. He wanted to help, and offered to go in front of us across the bridge, which was full of … full of… something? I took my bow and started to shoot as Edvard went melee. I think there were three clusters of those … zombies and skeletons … but we managed to slay them.

“I faced and killed my first skeleton today in this new world, in the aftermath of the Battle of the Solace Bridge.”

I felt weak and my face was surely as white as snow when we reached to road. Charlotte was overjoyed when she had been rescued.

“I succesfully rescued Charlotte Gray from the battle of Solace Bridge. Her mother, Abigal, is located in the village of Soltown and I should talk to her when I am able.”

I rowed the boat until my arms ached. Finally I found Solace. There was a guard named Stanley waiting for the survivors. I gave him notes from Edvard and continued to the nearby refugee camp. I found Abigail and told her that her “daughter” is still alive and well.

“I let Abigail know that her daughter, Charlotte Gray, had survived the battle of Solace Bridge.”

In the middle of this all, I found myself smiling.

4 Responses to “Escort over Solace Bridge”

  1. I believe this is a starter quest only. As my wife received it as her first quest as soon as she signed in. When I later went to the area in search of Charlotte Grey, she was nowhere to be found.

    By Cebrimal at August 14th, 2016, 09:47
  2. It is a starter quest. Developers have changed the starter areas so we cannot play every starter quests anymore.

    By Beolthain at August 26th, 2016, 23:18
  3. Not a starter quest, Abigail is still in Soltown looking for her. But where is Charlotte now?

    By . at August 28th, 2016, 23:33
  4. If you want the good ending, you need to do the quest as a starter quest. If you’re not a beginner anymore, you might go back to Solace Bridge and ask Edvard the Wanderer about what happened to Charlotte… You may also find her near Kiakis, in the ruins outside the fort next to Solace Bridge.

    By Ayelis at August 5th, 2017, 03:49

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