The fate of Knight Aldorn

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Declan Robinson at Resolute. This quest gives you 6000 experience & 500 gold as a reward and has 3 comments.

The Lord Marshal of Resolute asked me to find any sign of a knight he sent to Highvale, the Knight Aldorn. At a minimum, if he has passed on I am to bring his amulet of testimony back to him. If I find such I should tell Lord Marshal “I have news of Aldorn”.

I travelled to Resolute with a hint of Ludwig Drakenfels, a fellow adventurer. In the garrison I found myself in the tavern, speaking to the people of this nice town. Finally I got to talk with Lord Marshal of the Resolute, Declan Robinson.

We spoke of many things that night, but how Lord Marshal spoke of his “lost knight”, struck my nerve.

“One of the Knights I sent to make contact with my scout, the Knight Aldorn, has not reported back. I fear the worst. Please, if you can, find him, if he is still alive. Although, being a stalwart of Courage, I am certain there is a fell reason we have not heard from him. If the worst truly has happened, I would appreciate his amulet of testimony if you can locate such. It is the duty of every commander to… to handle such. I thank thee.”

I have been scouting the Highvale for signs of Knight Aldorn, but I have had no luck in finding him. Then a stupid idea struck me. I sneaked to the scout, Knight Cyannis and asked him if he had seen “Knight Aldorn” of know of his fate.

And he had!

“Alas, I fear I was Knight Aldorn’s corpse waylaid and looted outside the walls. They even took his amulet of testimony, the jackals…”

I opened the gate full of wrath and let my bow sing. It didn’t took many elves to find the looter. I took the amulet of testimony from his pouch and took it to Lord Marshal saying I had “news of Knight Aldorn”.

“I returned Knight Aldorn’s amulet of testimony to the Lord Marshal in Resolute. He was not happy at the news of Aldorn’s death, but thanked me all the same for determining what had happened”

3 Responses to “The fate of Knight Aldorn”

  1. Rewards confirmed.

    By nemo at January 7th, 2017, 11:47
  2. I found and spoke to Cyannis, but before I asked about Aldorn I was given the quest to give his report to Resolute. After receiving this quest I then asked about Aldorn. He advised me of Aldorn being slain and told me about his amulet. For some odd reason this did not provide me any updates on my journal.

    I left Cyannis and went through the gate and I have slain many elves with no luck in retreiving the amulet. Perhaps the quest is broken now?

    By Drahcir at January 18th, 2018, 16:28
  3. Try to kill every elf in the camp outside Higvale gate, and you will find the amulet!

    By Armando Malatesta at August 29th, 2018, 19:45

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