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Wrasse eggs for Harry

The smugglers in Kingsport have requested that I bring them a cave Wrasse egg from the caverns in southern Hidden Vale.

Agents of Oracle

I met, working amongst the smugglers, a oung woman named Lauren who was surprisingly open about her true nature; she among with others, was sent by someone called “the Oracle” to watch for …me. Apparently there is some sort of prophecy about people from other worlds such as myself, and they were sent to confirm […]

Leader of the pack

Bodan Koren asked me to hunt down the leader of a pack of wolves just north of Braemar along the Valeway. I should return to him once I have done this.

Winslow’s report

Lord Enmar told me of the ruins of Ravensmoor, where undead have been sighted in large numbers. I should talk to Winslow about information he has gathered in his patrol of the area, assuming he is recovered his injuries.

In dire need

Guard-Captain Dreyfus in Owl’s Head mentioned that a guard, Winslow, had been gravely wounded while exploring ruins nearby. He requested I find aid for him in the form of healing herbs from an alchemist on the Kinsport market. If I do so, Winslow might be able to tell me more of what he found in […]

Ectoplasmic residue

Lord Enmar told me of the undead which are threatening the Vale near Braemar, in the ruins of Ravenmoor.

Red sashes

Lord Enmar told me of the bandits who are attacking travellers along the road between Owl’s Head and Kingsport.

Escape from the Clink

Myra told me of her brother, Myron, who was being held captive in a jail here called the Clink. Apparently it is a sort of debtor’s prison, which the guards have been using for their own purposes. Myra begged me to do something about Myron’s imprisonment, and gave me a key that would take me […]

Morgan’s foul play

A merchat in Owl’s Head named Morgan asked me to discredit a competitor across the market, named Myra, by telling one of her customers that the meat she is selling is spoiled and made me sick, and then to return to him and tell him the task is complete.

Animal hides to Randall

I could use some assistance if you’re willing to help. I am need of animal hides.