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Silver ore

Bentham, the scientist who works in the defensive tower of Owl’s Head, offered me a reward for any silver ore I bring back to him. I should be able to find silver ore through mining any mineral deposit¬†within the vale, though it can be rare

Morton’s book

Alicia the Alchemist in the Kinsport harbour is trying to find whereabouts of her no-good husband Morton.

Veimor is missing

I spoke in Braemar to a sweet young woman named Bridget, who is waiting for a word from her husband, Veimor, a hunter who was last seen in the woods north of here. I hope for her sake that the news I bring her is good; informing her that she is a widow would be […]

Animal hides

Bodan Koren will ask you to bring him animal hides and pay 10 gold per hide.

Where’s Kelly?

Abela, the barmaid in Braemar, mentioned a young woman named Kelly who might be in trouble with bandits. She made me talk to Bodan Koren, a hunter in Braemar, for more information.

Blackpond’s dagger

A former bandit named Jarred in Braemar asked me to take a small ritual dagger to a colleague of his in Owl’s Nest namet Blackpond. He assured me I would be rewarded for my trouble.

Ale shipment

Flynn Gilson, the innkeeper in Braemar, asks you to inquire with the innkeeper in Kingsport why Braemar has not seen any ale shipments in weeks.