In dire need

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Dreyfus at Owl's head. This quest gives you 5000 experience & nothing as a reward and has no comments.

Guard-Captain Dreyfus in Owl’s Head mentioned that a guard, Winslow, had been gravely wounded while exploring ruins nearby. He requested I find aid for him in the form of healing herbs from an alchemist on the Kinsport market. If I do so, Winslow might be able to tell me more of what he found in the ruins.

I was feeling very sad about this guards illness so I went straight away outside the town’s gate and on the road to Kingsport. I was attacked few times by both wolves and undead. Their blood and bones are now marks for their kind that they should stay put.

Sea breeze of Kingsport is truly refreshing after the dust of the inland roads. I headed straight to Hearth of New Britannia for few ales to wash dryness off my mouth. I heard interesting news about troubles with ale shipments I first heard from Flynn Gibson at Braemar.

Refreshed, I went and sought out Julia the Alchemist in the market and ask her about the “potion” that could help poor Winslow.

“The alchemist in the Kinsport market gave me a bunle of herbs to heal Winslow, the wounded guard in Owl’s Head. I should bring these herbs to Dreyfus, the medic for the Owl’s Head guard, as soon as I am able.”

I literally ran back to Owl’s Head and talked to Guard-Captain Dreyfus about “a matter I am charged with”. He made the medicine immediately and hurried me to Winslow.

“I have the elixir for Guard Winslow. I should give it to him immediately.”

After a deep breath I gave the medicine to Winslow saying “I have your medicine”.

“Winslow has been healed, with my assistance, enough to give his report to the expedition to the ruins of Ravenmoor. He bade me deliver his report to Enmar, but clearly it will fall on me to finish Winslow’s patrol and discover Ravemoor’s secrets.”

So I went upstairs and spoke to Lord Enmar about trouble in Ravensmoor. I also handed over some undead residues and red sashes that I had acquired on my travels. Or I tried. He said he no longer bought those, but I could sell them to any merchant I wanted.

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