Iron blades for Geof

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Geof at Soltown. This quest gives you 2500 experience & 200 gold as a reward and has no comments.

Geof, one of the refugees in Soltown, requested I bring him an iron blade which apparently is a specific type of sword, back to him so that he can better fight the undead. He said the easiest place to find iron blades was of slain undead in the East Perennial Trail.

So i walked to East Perennial Trail again after finding Bentley’s key. This time I continued the so called road to north-east until I found some large ruins, the favored place of the undead to dwell. I took my bow and still got ambushed by two skeletons! I took some wounds but I finally got rid of them.

After the ambush I walked even more cautiously towards the ruins, which served me well, because there were three more skeletons in there. I took aim and released my bow, hitting the first skeleton in the spine, almost defeating it. After the fight, I remained the victor. Barely.

It took me few walks around the area and defeating the skeletons over and over again to finally find the iron blade.

So I ran towards Soltown and spoke to Geof about “helping” with “iron blades”.

“I gave Geof in Soltown the iron blade he asked for. He recommended I sell any others I find to Annika, the blacksmith in Soltown.”

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