Knight in wolves clothes

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Declan Robinson at Resolute. This quest gives you 10000 experience & 400 gold as a reward and has one comment.

The Lord Marshal of the Resolute garrison asked me to locate his scout, Knight Cyannis, within the ruined village of Highvale, and return with whatever news he has of the battlefield.

I travelled to Resolute with a hint of Ludwig Drakenfels, a fellow adventurer. In the garrison I found myself in the tavern, speaking to the people of this nice town. They asked me to help Birgit, and for more adventure, I should go and see Lord Marshal of the Resolute, Declan Robinson. So I went.

He spoke plainly and stated we might “help” each other. There were other matters as well, but first we spoke of a missing scout, Knight Cyannis.

I went to Highvale and found place crawling with wolves, bandits and elves! I managed to slay all in my way with my trusted bow and found one bandit, that wasn’t attacking me at all. In fact, he was standing on the left side of the main gate, near the fence, under a tree wishing no one sees him. I went and talked to him.

“I met a knightin Highvale who was disguised as a bandit within the ruined village. He gave me a report to take to the Lord Marshal in Resolute. I should tell him “I have a report from your scout”.”

I went to Resolute in the dark of the night and spoke with Lord Marshal that “I have a report from your scout”.

“I brought back Knight Cyannis’ report to the Lord Marshal, who was grateful for the news from his scout.”

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