Leader of the pack

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Bodan Koren at Braemar. This quest gives you 1500 experience & 250 gold as a reward and has no comments.

Bodan Koren asked me to hunt down the leader of a pack of wolves just north of Braemar along the Valeway. I should return to him once I have done this.

Bodan Koren is a nice fellow, but has a lot in his hands with both Kelly and Veimor being missing. I agreed to find this magnificent beast, slay it and return with a tale to tell.

I explored the forest near Braemar and found the beast in South Valeway, at the hill north of the entrance. After fierce battle I managed to slay this truly a great beast and it’s companions.

“I managed to slay what appeared to be the leader of a pack of wolves on the Valeway, the road north of Braemar. There may be someone in Braemar interested on this news.”

I found my way to the road again and headed back to Braemar to tell Bodan Koren about the “wolf”.

“Bodan Koren was grateful that I had taken down the wolfpack leader and rewarded me for my trouble.”

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