Lorebook of Loreley Redwool

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Harley at Desolis. This quest gives you 2500 experience & 750 gold as a reward and has one comment.

Harley Redwool, a visitor to Desolis, bade me search for his daughter Loreley’s sketchbook. He thinks she must have dropped it while she was in the Epitaph, but it should be fairly close to the entrance.

I barely had time to say my greetings to this elderly man, when he started talking about his daughter’s “sketchbook”.

I made my way to the Epitaph, greeting cautiously armed prisoners inside it. I searched the top of the Epitaph and started to wander downstairs at the other side of the main entrance.

At the end of a staircase was three nodes of copper as well as something in the ground, an Artists journal. When I came back outside to the scorching sun I offered it to Harley as a lost “sketchbook”. He recognized it and was very happy indeed.

“I returned Loreley’s sketchbook to Harley Redwool in Desolis. He seemed grateful his search was at an end.”

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