Mail from Ardoris to Desolis

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Ardoris Town Crier at Ardoris. This quest gives you no experience & 200 gold as a reward and has no comments.

I was given a packet of mail to deliver to thetown crier in Desolis, in return for a bit of gold.

I travelled to north-east to Desolis. It was a rough journey, for there were lot of undead in the way in the Eastreach Gap.

There was also a mage to sell spells to teleport through the Gap so you didn’t have to flee from all those undeads. I ran the first time…

So when I came to Desolis and made myself known in the town I found Town Crier in the centre of a town near the post and well. I told him I had the “mail”.

“I was paid a premium rate of 200 gold for delivering a package of mail to the desert town of Desolis succesfully. The town crier there told me I could do this again if I wished.”

So I was given a packet of mail to deliver to Ardoris…

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