Midnight at the graveyard

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Jeanne at Soltown. This quest gives you 2500 experience & 75 gold as a reward and has 3 comments.

One of the refugees has asked for my help finding a necklace that was stolen from her daughter’s grave. I should return to the graveyard this evening and see if I can discover who the thief is.

I talked to Jeanne about the fire and she told me that someone is robbing the graves. I was trying to find who started the fire and therefore talked to everyone in the Soltown. I also noticed there was a letter at the Inn’s table. I am not that virtuous so I glanced a peek:

“Order for All guards:

There have been several reports of late regarding personal belongings going missing from graves in the cemetery.

I am considering reorganizing the guard patrols to include the cemetery if these reports continues.

– Your captain”

Hmmm… There are only three guards in Soltown. Patrols would be very hard to do.

I went to the cemetery and found a very Suspicious Character there. I tried to talk, but he attacked me. I defended myself and defeated him. I found a Silver necklace and a letter on his pocket.

“To the good people of Soltown:

Have it be it known that my grandmother’s necklace has been taken by criminals unknown, snatched from atop my daughter’s gravestone. It was a small, silver-inlayed pendant which opened to reveal a drawing of her father, my husband, who was lost to us many years ago after a ferocious bear attack suffered while trying to feed his family. My daughter cherished it, as she was but an infant at the time, and it was the only thing she had to remember her father by.

I have lost everything I own in the attack on Solace Bridge, including my precious daughter. I would greatly appreciate any information that would lead to the recovery of this quaint but precious family heirloom so that it can be returned to my daughter even in death.

I can be found at the refugee camp just outside of town. For the wary, I would ask no questions as to the source of said information, on my honor.

– Jeanne”

After this I went back to talk to Jeanne at refugee camp.┬áI told her “I found your┬ánecklace”.

“I returned the necklace and note I found from a local grave robber to Jeanne, the refugee in Soltown”

Jeanne was delighted to have her family heirloom back.

3 Responses to “Midnight at the graveyard”

  1. I was able to get this quest to work once I asked Jeanne her name. After that I think I typed in something about a silver necklace.

    By ExodusMachine at July 8th, 2016, 06:42
  2. Thank you! So I was daft and stupid. /doh

    By Beolthain at July 8th, 2016, 21:40
  3. You have to actually pull our your weapon and kill the Suspicious Stranger if he doesn’t attack you.

    By Yam Snikpoh at October 8th, 2016, 11:30

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