Morton’s book

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Alicia at Kingsport. This quest gives you 5000 experience & 500 gold as a reward and has one comment.

Alicia the Alchemist in the Kinsport harbour is trying to find whereabouts of her no-good husband Morton.

After a few pints I opened a random door at the harbour and found myself inside an alchemists house! Life is full of surprises! I apologised and started to chat with this nice lady, called Alicia. She told me about her “Husband”.

“That would be Morton, the great traveller, who never seems to find time for his poor suffering wife who actually runs his store. If you know where he is I would be grateful!”

I recalled a man fitting to Alicia’s inscription. He has been sitting in Fire Lotus Tavern at Owl’s Head for weeks. I walked to Owl’ Head, this time through Greymark Forest. I got into a battle with elves! Those are nasty buggers but I managed to get out with only few scratches.

I limbed to Owl’s Head’s tavern and ordered a beer. Then I sat down to same table Morton was sitting. He felt a bit unco-operative so I bought hima beer as well. I felt a bit annoyed, maybe because I had a nasty wound in my leg from the elven arrow, but I went straight to business and asked Morton about his “wife”. He grumbled and said nothing except beer.

“I bought a beer for Morton, the stranded Kingsport merchant. He should be easier to talk now, at least in his own fashion.”

I got 20 gold from Morton of that pint of beer. I asked him of what her wife said about the “ledger”.

Morton asked me to bring his ledger back from his home in Kingsport. I should ask him where his home is if I havent already.”

Morton is a bit drunk if he doesn’t remember me coming in behalf of his wife… Well I head back to Kingsport to inform Alicia by saying that “Morton is at Owl’s Head”. I asked her to “give ledger” to me and and agreed to Alicia’s question.

“Alicia, Morton’s wife, has given me the ledger that he seeks. It only remains for me now to return it to Morton the next time I find myself in Owl’s Head.”

So I head back to Owl’s Head and gave a “ledger” to Morton.

“Morton was fairly appreciative about his ledger … in fact he seemed to care more for that news of his wife. At any rate, Morton was truthful about his promise of compensation, and gave me 500 gold coins for my trouble.”

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  1. It doesnt work if you say Morton is at owl’s head. You have to say “Owl’s Head”. THen you say “give ledger” she asks if you think he will come home and you say “yes”

    By Warpedstone at August 8th, 2016, 05:51

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