The origins of Bonesteel Dagger

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Edvard at Blood River Massacre. This quest gives you no experience & nothing as a reward and has 7 comments.

I showed the Bonesteel dagger I found to Edvard, the bard I found in the ruins of Blood River. He recommended I journey onward to Aerie and ask the guildmasters there more of this dagger.

I walked to Aerie, the most beutiful town I have ever set my eyes on. I had been here before when I helped the Resolute guard to find his childhood sweetheart. I went to the shop of Reunan LeFevre, the blacksmith. I said I had found “bonesteel dagger”.

“I talked to a blacksmith who was very impressed with the bonesteel dagger, but could share no insight into its design. I should propably keep asking around Aerie to see if anyone knows more”

So I went outside and went to see another blacksmith, as Reunan instructed. I remember a fletcher I bought arrows from earlier on in the southeastern part of the Aerie. With little searching I found the place again and found also Henry Steel, a blacksmith. He had heard of the bonesteel, but couldn’t help me more. Just instructed me to find another blacksmith.

Well, the only place I hadn’t explored yet in the city was north, so I walked there. It was raining, which was actually nice. I had a reason to enter the tavern for a pint of ale. Refreshed, I continued towards north from the market place. And after a while I found another plaza with a fountain in the center, and north of it a house with a familiar sign – a blacksmith.

Blacksmith was called Kyle Behrand and I understood that he was good at what he did. I showed him the “bonesteel dagger” and he said it was forged by “boreas”.

“I spoke to a master blacksmith in Aerie named Kyle Behrand, who shed some light on the dagger I found in Blood River. He said that it was forged from bonesteel, a powerful metal, by the Titan Boreas. He believes that I should find Boreas, who has been missing for years, and that I might be able to by tracing the path the dagger took to Blood River. He adviced that I ask around the elven city of Vertas to find where the dagger came from originally.”

He continued:

“Kyle Behrand said if I was to visit Vertas, I should look for an elf named Kiakis.”

Well… That was a name I remember from Solace Bridge. I took off to Vertas, which was a nice trip. And with a chilly end, for Vertas was a wintertown. A nice town, but still a wintertown. Kiakis was eas to find in the inner city near the chieftains house. I said “I had found the bonesteel dagger” and he found it interesting. He gave me a book he had found in faun caravan. I translated it and wrote it to another paper.

“Kiakis gave me a peculiar book he found alongside some rare bonesteel weapons in a wrecked faun caravan. He bade me go to Jaanaford, the nearest trading post, to unravel this mystery further…”

I will continue my search of bonesteel on this chilly town.

After a nights sleep, I carried on. I stumbled to an officers house, who had “specific instructions” for me. Huh?

“I was instructed by an elf guard to seek out Kiriad, the chieftain of the Vertas elves. I was told he could be found in a house atop the highest hill within the town.”

The house was easy to find, I almost visited him yesterday, when I was locating Kiakis. I went up the long stairs and to the alchemists hut. I met an elf with a helmet. After the greetings I told him I had found “bonesteel dagger”. Kiriad was not as surprised as others, but asked me my opinion about the origin of the artifact. I had heard enough to say it was created by “Titans”.

“I spoke to the leader of the Vertas elves, Kiriad, regarding my bonesteel dagger. Although friendly, he could not be much of help, though he did recommend I speak with his advisors, Benar, Sinar and Quant.”

After asking where they might be found I headed to see Benar. He was a scholar of history and asked me few questions about the pre-cataclysm history. I answered the questions wondering where the information came to my mind. After the brief questionnaire I told about “bonesteel dagger”. He was fascinated by it, but in his opinion it didn’t date back to pre-cataclysmic times, so he instructed me to go see Sinar and Quant.

“Benar did not have any insight into the dagger, though he was of the opinion it was not pre-cataclysm artifact. He recommended I seek out his companions Sinar and Quant.”

Sinar was actually the officer I spoke earlier. In the haste I hadn’t asked his name. I failed to ask the right questions, and gained no further information about the dagger. The same thing happened with Quant.

So here I am again. Freezing my toes off, a strange dagger in my backpack and mute elves in front of me. I’m off for a pint. Or two. And a nights sleep.

Rise and shine, eggs in the face and away I go. Heading down south to Jaanaford, where I found a teacher to my Earth Magic, hidden behind a waterfall. I asked the rude fishermen, but they were, well, rude. I asked around the marketplace without luck and then I found the owner of the Inn, Jenna Karttunen. I recognized the name to be kin to my origin, so I skipped chit chat and asked bluntly if she had heard of a “bonesteel dagger”.

“I spoke to Jenna Karttunen, the innkeeper at Jaanaford, who told me the bonesteel dagger I found was the work of a Titan named Boreas, who ruled a place called Artifice. She told me that a satyr most likely brought it from a town called Etceter and I should continue my research there.”

I had been to Etceter, and I didn’t like it at all. Well, I have to find out the origins of this Bonesteel Dagger so I have to endure another moment of slapping and spanking of small furry primates.

So I found myself in Etceter after another run dodging fireballs from bandit mages at Nightshade Pass. I started asking at the Anchor and Chain Inn, but the Innkeeper didn’t know anything. So I figured out I might ask from a faun. We spoke a little and then we started sidcussing about “satyr”. That is how I learned to Cower.

I kept asking from fauns and satyrs without luck. Then I went to a tavern and spoke my mouths full of all this fauns muteness and satyrs being asses. She told me after I showed her “bonesteel dagger” that I shouldn’t talk to fauns when satyrs are close.

“Lady Ransom, an adventuring merchant I met in a tavern in Etceter, recommended I speak to fauns about bonesteel, but only out of sight from their satyr masters.”

So I quaffed my ale and went to harbour and asked one of those fauns, called Fit-Mit, about “bonesteel dagger”.

“I learned from a faun in Etceter that bonesteel originates from a place called Artifice, and from a being called Boreas. The Satyrs sell it, though the faun did not know to whom.”

I hitched a ride with a ship to Elysium and travelled to Artifice. A dangerous place full of satyrs. But I did not get to enter the Artifice itself.

7 Responses to “The origins of Bonesteel Dagger”

  1. As of (at least) R38, Jenna Karttunen sends you to Kiln first, not Etceter. In Kiln you can find May-May who does not help much.

    By nemo at February 20th, 2017, 21:51
  2. Ok, talk to May-May and say “The Homily of Perri the Unchained” and he/she/it will get talkative and tell that perri “is in artifice now”

    By nemo at February 21st, 2017, 19:20
  3. When in Kiln, in one of the houses you will find Dion who tells you about Perri.

    By Cebrimal at July 14th, 2017, 09:27
  4. I’m in Eceter and I’ve done everything, but I cannot get one of the fauns to open up more like Lady Ransom has suggested that I do. There are no Satyrs around, I just can’t get them to open up using phrases such as “dagger” and “perri” just give the default that all the rest of the fauns say. Any help would be quite welcome.

    By Rogosh at July 20th, 2017, 19:56
  5. Talk to Widget the trainee blacksmith in the blacksmith’s shop on Etceter docks.
    He tells you to speak to Aaron Denby, and the quest line progresses from there.

    By Acaelus Fireharp at October 27th, 2017, 10:51
  6. To gain passage to Artifice, you have to collect Black steel ore for the harbor master, this can be obtained from the bandit leader who is on the first level of Etceter crag mines.

    By Acaelus Fireharp at October 27th, 2017, 10:59
  7. Upon entering Xenos Talk to Notus the elf, he can be found on a stage behind a podium.
    He will grant you access to Artifice.

    By Acaelus Fireharp at October 27th, 2017, 11:28

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