Password to the Palace of the Wind

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Margaery at Ardoris. This quest gives you 5000 experience & nothing as a reward and has 6 comments.

A priestess mentioned that you might come — as you have already visited the Lord Protector Siranto! Only those people who are gifted are privileged to know the password phrase may be admitted to the priestess.

I talked to the guards in front of the Palace of the Wind until my head aches. Then I caught the innuendos she was saying; only the unusual and gifted people in the taverns of the Isle of the Eternal Dawn might know the phrase.

So I went to Peladjar Inn to have few aids for my parched throat. And there I spoke with Samael, my very own spirit-guide. He told me the “password” was:

“M A G N O L I A”

Tha got me inside the Palace of the Wind.

6 Responses to “Password to the Palace of the Wind”

  1. The password is now “lotus”

    By Warpedstone at August 16th, 2016, 02:37
  2. I got “azalea” and “rose”. It depends who you ask.

    By Stefan at August 22nd, 2016, 22:35
  3. I have also got Iris as a password.

    By Beolthain at August 23rd, 2016, 06:48
  4. This helps a lot, thanks.
    I got “rose”.

    By Rielle at September 11th, 2016, 20:21
  5. I was given the Password as ‘Orchid’ – (Release 33)

    By Julius DeCosmo at September 15th, 2016, 18:32
  6. Talk to Samuel because the password is random

    By Nils Andersen at January 26th, 2017, 00:03

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