Path of love

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Shogun Siranto at Ardoris. This quest gives you no experience & nothing as a reward and has 8 comments.

Siranto, the Shogun of Ardoris, told me that he believes his enstranged wife Khasi, conspired withthe undead attacking Ardoris to negotiota a separate peace. He bade me speak to Min Liang Tan, the Minister of the Lotus within Ardoris’s central district, and after the Empress Ring which served as the token of this treachery.

I was ushered to see Shogun Siranto on the matter of The living dead. While I started to understand the mechanics of this magnificent, yet somehow syrapy city, I asked of Shogun Siranto’s wife, “Priestess Khasi”. His face went sour and “sad” in a blink of an eye. He told me of the treachery and lies of his wife and of Min Liang Tan, the Minister of Lotus, who knows the truth, and who showed the Empress Ring to him.

This seemed inportant and I wanted to have another opinion, so I went to see Priestess Khasi. The guards asked me of the password as they asked me when I ewent to see the Shogun Siranto. So I walked once again to the Peladjar Inn and asked Samael, NOT Kardan, of the right “password”, or “token”. We spoke of other things of couse, but when I asked of her “husband”, she exploded with such fury that I got scared.

“The Priestess Khasi bade me to ask the Minister of the Lotus, Min Liang Tan, about an order called the Emperor’s writ which she says proves Siranto started the war against the undead.”

Umm… Come again? So the same person has spoken to the both rulers on his behalf and the rulers never doubted the words? He might be loyal and devoted minister, but there is something fish here. Both Khasi and Siranto thought nothing ill of the Min Liang Tan. Their advicers had other thoughts…

I went to see this Minister of Lotus, Min Liang Tan at the Central District of Ardoris. He was easy to find in the south side of the Sequanna Square. We changed the pleasantries, and after that I asked about the “empreror’s writ”, which he said he had lost. Then I asked about the “Empress Ring” and he started talking. He wanted to see me at the Tower of the Shuttered Eye on the night of the new moon.

“I have uncovered treachery by one of the rulers of Ardoris, though I know not which one. The minister Min Liang Tan has offered to help; I am to meet him at the Tower of the Shuttered Eye on the night of the new moon.”

Mmmkay… I went to the Tower of the Shuttered Eye only to find army of undead in the area, and inside there were a lot more. I defeated few of them, but I got overpowered and I ran outside. So is this a trap or is the minister really inside the tower?

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  1. I think it’s time-based: I tried it when the game said “Midnight of the New Moon” and there was an invisible Min Lang Tan at the bottom of the stairs who says “I had despaired of you arriving in time! Quickly, to the top of the tower! Do not tarry!”

    If you climb the stairs slowly then the invisible Min Ling Tan is there on a few floors and says things like “Very unfortunate what has happened here… I trust your fate will be different…” There are lots of letters about that mention Lord Nebulas, and ‘liquidating’ people who don’t obey. They’re mostly signed R.K. and one’s later signed in full as Robert Korvollon. Other initials are J.S.U. (a letter to R.K. confirming the library has been liquidated) – have we met a JSU? – and another mentions A. ‘Please inform A. that Nebulas is quite, quite mad. He is destroying our Order’s outpost’

    Eventually, on about the fourth floor, Min Ling Tan is standing in middle of a large room. Four large skeletons attack, including an archer who seems higher level (red not orange) and is very lethal. I rushed over to try and talk to Min Ling Tang anyway, and he said “You cannot understand! You will never understand! To the dark with you!” So I guess it’s a trap, but I can’t rule out that I attacked him accidentally before he said that – don’t know. The invisible Min Ling Tangs had 56 health, but I think he had 230 or so on the fourth floor so he’s probably about as tough as the skeletons.

    So I guess you need a party of four or five to reach him and take out those skeletons – I think I’d have to be much much tougher to manage it on my own. Hope that helps you progress this, and thanks for all the other hints!

    By Rup at August 28th, 2016, 22:35
  2. Wow, thank you so much! I’ll head there when the moon is right.

    By Beolthain at August 30th, 2016, 16:15
  3. So if you do this quest in a party.. only the person who engages/does most damage to Min gets credit, and then that person can not re-enter the instance to assist others to help them out.. Not sure if this is a bug or just the way it is set up and meant to be a solo adventure, if so it needs to be better done

    By Dustin (Jhonen Moonspyre) at September 12th, 2016, 06:51
  4. I had problems with this quest as well, but as able to get it done on my own. The outside area has real high level mage that took me down on my first run. I basically sprinted through on the second attempt and got inside without taking too much damage.

    I didn’t see the invisible Min, but he was waiting for at the upper levels. Since the skeletons attacked, I retaliated and Min was caught up in the damage. Again, I hit the floor and had to res at the ankh at the bottom. When I got back to the top, I couldn’t get Min to talk to me and jumped into combat each time I clicked him.

    I killed him quite easily, then went to the top and used the key to open the “treasure room” door. There is another high level mage around the corner. He was orange to me, so I took off.

    I ran full speed through the area and got out without trouble. I did get the quest results and was able to report back to Siranto and Khasi.

    That area has some real high level creatures that really don’t belong there and the quest itself is kind of broken, so expect to run in there and not get much out of Min.

    By PeteWi The Disoriented at September 28th, 2016, 19:04
  5. The quest continues after that

    By Darth Dubae at December 11th, 2016, 00:52
  6. I just did this, I think….I am not sure exactly how, but here is what I experienced (and yes, it is a hot mess).

    I spoke to the woman first, she told me to find lingpingming.
    I spoke to him, then went to the tower.
    I fought my way up to the level he appears in (4th floor?).
    Talked to him where he had alot of nothing to say except he is working for a god.

    Died, about 8 times trying to go up more.

    Got pissed, killed lingpingming where he stood. This is where it turns into a real hot mess.

    Journal updated. exp awarded. etc. Key was in inventory, etc. Journal says I need to tell either of the two rulers that lingpingming was a traitor.
    I go to the wife, she tells me I need to hire a spirit walker (um, whet?).
    I go find samuel, all I can talk to are “tavern patrons”. which I apparently hired one.
    I went to the mountain side, after the spirit walker tavern patron says the password is “saber”.
    I talked to the guard that previously required it, selected “OPEN” from the chat……viola, it opened, no requirement for a password now.
    I spoke to siranto, he said thanks, yadda yadda, here is 7500 exp or something.
    I teleported to the palace of wind, went through more chat shenanigans, finally, after stating lingpingming’s name…..she acted as if he were still alive and I had no clue who he was…..or that I struck him down out of frustration.
    Then she gives me another 7500 exp, and says I should tell her lord if I have not already.

    As of the moment, I do not have any journal entry stating the questline continues, but the line supposedly goes on to the necropolis? I am really at a loss as far as what I need to do. I do, however, know that parts of this quest can get done and you never know it before the end, etc. Like I said, hot mess….I think it boils down to the method in which quests are given, updated, etc. I am sure it will be worked out, but it is very frustrating until then.

    By LESTAT_SiK at January 21st, 2017, 00:16
  7. he is on the 6th floor waiting for you to come and reveal his true nature and plan for the future of Ardoris…

    By Sassa Svanhild at March 3rd, 2017, 01:25
  8. If you visit them out of order….. ie princess first… asking the spirit whisperers for the ‘token’ helps you enter the Mountain where as asking for the ‘password’ gains entry for Wind.

    By Sycholic at July 22nd, 2017, 08:21

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