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The living dead

Siranto, the Shogun of Ardoris, charged me with speaking with Minister Pintar on finding a way to stop the undead menacing the city.

Lisel needs silver

Lisel, the technician who maintains the Moon Towers of Ardoris, offered me a reward for any silver ore I bring back to her. I should be able to find silver ore through mining any mineral deposit within the vale, though it can be rare.

Cai Lau’s brother

Cai Lau, the guildmaster in Ardoris, asked me to speak to her brother Sheng Lau about her concern for his safety.

Digit needs ectoplasm

I went to Ardoris and spoke to Digit, the verbose magic storekeeper located on the Ardoris waterfront, offered to pay me 60 gold per ectoplasmic residue that I find and bring back to him.

Graff heirloom

Marlene Graff, one of the former owners of the Graff Gem Mines, offered a reward if I could recover her necklace that she lost when fleeing the Kobold attack.

Mystic Graff gems

Renton Graff, the lead engineer and foreman of the Graff Gem Mines, offered a bounty for any Mystic Graff Gems I could recover from within the mine.