Quincy’s demise

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by a letter and a broken sword at Solace Bridge. This quest gives you 1000 experience & 250 gold as a reward and has 4 comments.

I found a letter from Emily to Quincy and Quincy’s broken sword at the Battle of the Solace Bridge.

After setting my feet on the ground again after the boat trip, I did what Stanley asked me. I found a lady names Emily and she asked if I had any knowledge of what happened in Solace bridge and if I had found any news of her love, guard named Quincy.

“I told Emily in Soltown that I had the possessions of her boeloved, the guard Quincy in Solace Bridge,, and gave them to her as she requested.”

She was heartbroken, but there was nothing more I could do.

4 Responses to “Quincy’s demise”

  1. Going back and doing quests bc EXP is essential and i cant find his broken sword. Any tips?

    By RIKKITIKKITAVI at August 30th, 2016, 04:55
  2. Going back and doing quests bc exp is essential. Can’t find his broken sword any tips?

    By RIKKITIKKITAVI at August 30th, 2016, 04:55
  3. I think it is a starter quest but can’t be 100 % sure.

    By Beolthain at August 30th, 2016, 07:24
  4. I found Emily’s letter, Quincy’s Broken Sword and a Gate key in a chest at the end of the bed upstairs in the guard house.

    By Willowhawk at October 17th, 2016, 05:47

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