Report from Resolute to Ardoris

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Declan Robinson at Resolute. This quest gives you 12000 experience & 1020 gold as a reward and has 2 comments.

The Lord Marshal of the Resolute garrison entrusted me with a sealed report to bring to his counterpart, Guard Captain Cugel, in Ardoris. I am to inform him “I have a report from Resolute” and bring back his response to the Lord Marshal here. The Lord Marshal informed me that there was a caravan in Highvale that would take me most of the way there, though I would have to find my way back on my own.

I travelled to Resolute with a hint of Ludwig Drakenfels, a fellow adventurer. In the garrison I found myself in the tavern, speaking to the people of this nice town. Finally I got to talk with Lord Marshal of the Resolute, Declan Robinson.

We spoke a lot of things with Lord Marshal, and one of those things was a “message for my counterpart”. After a brief exchange of information, he gave a sealed report from Resolute, that I should take to Guard Captain Cugel.

“We of the knights have not heard from the Ardoris city guard in some time. … I am concerned that they may require the aid of the knights of Norgard in these trying times. … I would ask you to bring this summary of the situation we face to Guard Captain Cugel, in Ardoris, and assay his response. It is a long journey, so I will compensate you accordingly when you return. You will find there is still a caravan in Highvale that leads to the village of Soltown, near Ardoris.”

I tavelled south to Aerie, where I took a boat to Port Phoenix and another boat to Exceter. Then I had to cross the infamous Brightbone Pass. I hate those powerful skeleton mages.

But to cut the story short, I managed to find my way to Captain Cugel and told him “I have a report from Resolute”. He gave me 20 gold and a cold, cynical stare.

“I brought the report from Resolute to Captain Gugel in Ardoris as requested. He did not seem to particularly care. I should let the Lord Marshal in Resolute know his report was delivered the next time I pass near that keep, and inform him “the message to Ardoris has been delivered”.”

Bah, I went to Tavern of the South Wind to wash the foul taste from my mouth. Of course we have this terrible danger from the undead here, but it is as hard in the Resolute with elves and bandits.

I set the trail once again and sneaked past the undead of the Brightbone Pass, took two boats and … smelled a familiar odour when I was passing the main gate. The same smell I had found near the cat woman at Soltown refugee camp… Well… Let’s just say I made a guard of Resolute a happy man.

I came to Resolute and as usual, it was a night when I approached the Lord Marshal. I told him “the message to Ardoris has been delivered”.

“I brought word back to the Lord Marshal in Resolute of Cugel’s complete lack of interest in his report. He took the news with good grace and I was rewarded as promised.”


2 Responses to “Report from Resolute to Ardoris”

  1. Bind your recall spot to Resolute with the town crier. That way, you just teleport here again once you visited Ardoris.

    By nemo at January 6th, 2017, 18:46
  2. The reward is now 1000 gold and 12000 XP.
    Saying “the message to Ardoris has been delivered” to Godbert (the new Seneschal you speak to) doe not work, neither saying this to the Lord Marshal. This looks like a bug.
    Saying “message” to Godbert works, though.

    By nemo at January 7th, 2017, 11:09

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