Report from Soltown to Ardoris

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Stanley the guard at Soltown. This quest gives you 3500 experience & 20 gold and salute emote as a reward and has no comments.

After I had given the Edvard’s notes from the Battle of the Solace Bridge to Stanley, he told me he could use a courier. I naturally agreed.

“Stanley, the captain of the guard in Soltown, gave me a letter for his counterpart, Guard-Captain Cugel, in Ardoris, requesting aid. Stanley requested I finish with my tasks helping those here in Soltown before leaving, however. When I see Cugel, I should tell him I have Stanley’s notes.”

After helping the villagers, I headed to Ardoris. I found city guard’s office in he harbour. Guard-Captain Cugel bluntly wanted a letter, which he was told I had in my possession.

“Cugel took my report from Stanley in Soltown but did not promise any aid to the beleagured village. He bade me visit lord Siranto, Lady Khasi, and the Oracle next.”

I will seek out Lord Siranto, Lady Khasi and the Oracle after I had visited one particular Island, the Hidden Vale.


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