Red sashes

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Lord Enmar at Owl's Head. This quest gives you no experience & 10 gold as a reward and has no comments.

Lord Enmar told me of the bandits who are attacking travellers along the road between Owl’s Head and Kingsport.

“These bandits wear red sashes as a sort of uniform, and he is offering to pay me 10 gold of each sash I bring back to them. I assume the bandits will not meekly surrender them to me. Enmar said that bandits can be found in the cave called Owl’s Nest, to the east of Owl’s Head.”

When I went to Owl’s Nest, I foundĀ a merchant, Three-Fingers Laurent, near the entrance who can sell you sashes for mere 20 gold. That’s a bargain for a life…

Lord Enmar doesn’t buy these anymore. He suggested I sell the residues to merchants outside. They will pay the same price that he did.

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