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Childhood sweetheart

Barkely Canis, a Knight of Norgard within the keep of Resolute, has asked after the location of his childhood sweetheart Felicia.

A missing relic

The Lord Marshal of Resolute told of a missing relic, a mace that had special powers against the undead, that could be found in the ruins of Highvale

Report from Resolute to Ardoris

The Lord Marshal of the Resolute garrison entrusted me with a sealed report to bring to his counterpart, Guard Captain Cugel, in Ardoris. I am to inform him “I have a report from Resolute” and bring back his response to the Lord Marshal here. The Lord Marshal informed me that there was a caravan in […]

The fate of Knight Aldorn

The Lord Marshal of Resolute asked me to find any sign of a knight he sent to Highvale, the Knight Aldorn. At a minimum, if he has passed on I am to bring his amulet of testimony back to him. If I find such I should tell Lord Marshal “I have news of Aldorn”.

Knight in wolves clothes

The Lord Marshal of the Resolute garrison asked me to locate his scout, Knight Cyannis, within the ruined village of Highvale, and return with whatever news he has of the battlefield.