Students of virtue and chaos

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Martin at Ardoris. This quest gives you no experience & Chaos statue and Virtue statue as a reward and has 5 comments.

Martin, the leader of a group of students of virtue that i discovered in Ardoris, is asking for help in finding books for his students. If I can find all twelve books, four for each virtue, and give them to the students, they will give me each one third of a statue representing the virtues. I can then have Martin assemble those pieces for me.

This is a story by Va’lor Ravenclaw.

In Ardoris, there is a building almost directly across from the crafting pavilion just before you enter the central market area. In this building you will find 4 people. One is the professor who starts you on your quest by having you speak to each of the 3 students.

You will also need to start the quest with Gina, student of chaos, by talking to her in the Savrenoc Stronghold area. Here you can enter the scene and simply follow the path straight to the end. You will see her standing by a campfire. Note that there are many hardened elves in here who will give chase. (You might be able to start the quest and then give her the books at the same time, I’m not sure.)

Finding the Books


A Boiled Seed Cannot Sprout at Braemar in the Blacksmith House.
This one is easy enough, at the center of town, one of the buildings has a blacksmith, the book is sitting on his table. First floor.

Truth is Rewarded at East Perrenial Trail Scene inside the ‘Moonshine’ hut.
From the Novia overworld map about halfway between Ardoris and Soltown there is an area call ‘East Perrenial Trail’. Enter this scene and turn turn to the left and follow along the outside of this scene. You will come to a small 2 story house (tower?). On the first floor is the book. Be aware that you may need to battle a few skeletons and/or bandits in this area.

The Monkey and the Dolphin at Kingsport.
The Smugglers house is down at the docks, the last house to the right if you are facing the water. There is no danger in here but you will need to climb to the third floor. On the desk at the top floor is the book.

The Chains of False Beliefs at Owlsnest.
After entering owls nest you will follow the forest trail straight ahead until it turn a bit to the right and enters a cave like area. Inside the cave you will run into an NPC near the entrance, from here follow the tunnel down to the left. Once the tunnel opens into a larger area, immediately turn left and you should see a prisoner surrounded by a couple of guards, tun right here and then take the first tunnel to the left. This should almost immediately lead to a rough stairway leading down to an area where there is a necromancer like fellow in front of an alter at the bottom. At the other side of the room is a skeleton who will not attack but on the table near him is the book.


The Mouse and the Camel at Ardoris – Castle of Earth.
You need to ask the guard to open the gate for you but he will not until you tell him the proper password. The password is ‘Steel’. Once past the gate run up the stairs to the house, enter it and go all the way to the top. The throne room area is not the top level there are stairs going up still from there behind and to the left of the throne. At the top level you should see a hot tub and a stool. On the stool is the book.

The Lion Tattoo at Owls Head in the guard house.
At the very top area of Owls Head where all the large properties are, there is a small market area. Looking at the market area from theroad the guard house is the last house on the left inside the market area. You should see two guards posted outside. When you enter head for the stairs (you’ll pass the entrance to the clink) and at the top of the stairs turn left and go straight. It is through the right most door on the desk.

Everyone Needs Courage at Solania Guard Captain building.
The way we enter Solania now, from the back along the water, travel until you reach the first intersecting road and then turn right. The Guard building should then be straight ahead on a raised area. Inside the building go to the desk, the book should be there.

The Fearful Rabbit at Spectral Mines – Bunny Room
Having not done the ‘bunny room’ I found this one the most difficult. After entering the spectral mines, follow the corridors until you come to the large open area with two bridge crossing the pit in the middle. Cross one of the bridges and head for the hallway in the middle where the ghosts are. (Note just before entering the hallway, behind the banner to the right is a chest with a nice dragon bone throne and a couple of other items.) Once you travel through the hallway past the three ghosts, continue up until you get to the area that looks like caves. You should start seeing a lot of crystals in this area as well. Enter the tunnels and when it splits, turn right. There is a short hallway that dead ends in a small open area. On the floor is the book.


Kindness in Giving Creates Love at Ardoris Castle of Wind.
Just like in the Castle of Earth you need to go to the very top, past the throne room. At the very top floor you will find a library. The book you are looking for is in here on the table if I remember correctly. No password is needed to pass the gates but you will need to ask the guard to open them to get in.

Don’t Give up on your Goodness at Soltown Cemetary.
After entering Soltown, travel through the center of town and then take the first path to the right. This leads directly to the graveyard. In the graveyard, a bit to the left when you are running at it you will see what looks like a pillar, this is actually the book. There is a graphics glitch but you’ll notice that this ‘pillar’ travels right through the stone fence. When you grab it, you will have the book. Remember what this looks like as the Tower of the Shuttered eye will have a book that looks just like this one.

The Courageous of the Mother at Solace Bridge.
This book is found in the Solace Bridge scene either from the opening starting tutorial or afterwards from the Nova map. In this scene you will find some ruins outside of the fort/town that was destroyed. Be careful as there are skeletons that guard this area. Inside the ruins are three places where a sword or shield is hanging, beneath one of them on the ground is the book.

The Most Beautiful Heart at The Tower of the Shuttered Eye.
This book is right in front of the tower on the left hand side of the door. Due to a graphics glitch, it looks like a pillar similar to the one in the Soltown Cemetary. Because you will have a lot of skeletons and spiders in this area you may want to circle around the tower on the right hand side and come out in front on the left to try and lose any pursuers.


Once you’ve retrieved the books you can claim your prizes. To avoid any issues I did the following.

  • I took one set of book and returned them to each of the three students by visiting them and saying “books”. Each student gave to me a piece of the Virtue Statue.
  • I put these statue pieces in the Ardoris bank and then travelled to see Gina at Savrenoc Stronghold. When I got to Gina I said, ‘books’ and she gave me the Chaos Statue.
  • I came back to Ardoris, put the Chaos statue in the bank and took out the three virtue pieces.
  • With these pieces in hand I went back to the area with the students and talked to the instructors saying “books” and he assembled the pieces into a single Virtue Statue.

I do not know if this is the only way to do it but I now have both statues linked to my account.

This is the true story I heard while having a pint with a fellow adventurer, Va’Lor Ravenclaw. I thank him for the information. I will seek out these books and have some decorations to my house at Ardoris.

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  1. Apparently using (copy)s of the books won’t work. They have to be originals (unfortunately)

    By Yam Snikpoh at October 11th, 2016, 16:25
  2. I needed password for Castle of Wind – Samael told me magnolia, book located 2nd floor from the top on a table

    By Santa's Little Helper at November 20th, 2016, 04:03
  3. Some notes:

    a) All the books now actually look like books. The notes about “pillars” needs to be removed.

    b) Emphasize that people should pick up TWO copies of the books, so they can complete both the chaos and virtue lines to the quest w/o having to run through twice. Reset only takes about a minute.

    c) The one on the ground outside the tower is very difficult to see, as it is in the grass, and nearly the same color. It took me 20 minutes or so before I found it because of that.

    By Mishikal at February 24th, 2017, 00:53
  4. The Mouse and the Camel doesn’t appear to be at that location anymore. I can’t find it anyway.

    By Almar at May 7th, 2017, 11:51
  5. I’m on the quest and have visited 9 of the locations so far. Three of the books I picked up were not originals. Any ideas why some are and some aren’t. Is there another step I’m missing that designates the books as original that I don’t know and for some reason?

    By John at October 17th, 2018, 04:25

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