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Leader of the pack

Bodan Koren asked me to hunt down the leader of a pack of wolves just north of Braemar along the Valeway. I should return to him once I have done this.

Veimor is missing

I spoke in Braemar to a sweet young woman named Bridget, who is waiting for a word from her husband, Veimor, a hunter who was last seen in the woods north of here. I hope for her sake that the news I bring her is good; informing her that she is a widow would be […]

Animal hides

Bodan Koren will ask you to bring him animal hides and pay 10 gold per hide.

Where’s Kelly?

Abela, the barmaid in Braemar, mentioned a young woman named Kelly who might be in trouble with bandits. She made me talk to Bodan Koren, a hunter in Braemar, for more information.