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Fire at the refugee camp

One of the Solace Bridge survivors, a surly man named Raymond, claims that someone from Soltown tried to set fire to the refugee’s wagons. He wants me to find out who did it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Love, poem and the bitch

A local farmer is in love with Emily, the barmaid at the Soltown Inn. Sadly, he is afraid to tell her how he feels. He asked me to give her a poem that he wrote for her and find out if she feels the same way about him.

Report from Soltown to Ardoris

After I had given the Edvard’s notes from the Battle of the Solace Bridge to Stanley, he told me he could use a courier. I naturally agreed. “Stanley, the captain of the guard in Soltown, gave me a letter for his counterpart, Guard-Captain Cugel, in Ardoris, requesting aid. Stanley requested I finish with my tasks helping those […]

Quincy’s demise

I found a letter from Emily to Quincy and Quincy’s broken sword at the Battle of the Solace Bridge.

The Battle of the Solace Bridge

After making my way across Solace Bridge, Edvard found me again and bid me take a notebook with his observations on the attack to Stanley, a guard that I should be able to find in Soltown. Edvard also offered me the use of a boat to leave for Soltown with all possible haste.

Mail from Soltown to Ardoris

I was given a packet of mail to deliver to the town crier in Ardoris, in return for a bit of gold.

Iron blades for Geof

Geof, one of the refugees in Soltown, requested I bring him an iron blade which apparently is a specific type of sword, back to him so that he can better fight the undead. He said the easiest place to find iron blades was of slain undead in the East Perennial Trail.

Bridge of the living dead

Ashton, a villager in Soltown, offered me a reward for recovering his grandmother’s keepsake from the awakened dead that are plaquing Solace Bridge. He gave me a few potions that would help stop the disease they spread, and said that bartender sold more.

A thing with a Charlotte Gray

Abigail, a refugee in Soltown, asked me to look for her daughter, Charlotte Gray, in Solace Bridge and return if I found any news of her.

Farmhouse problems

If I ever find a farmhouse in the east Perennial Trail, I should retrieve a key within for Bentley, a farmer taking shelter in the Soltown Inn. He warned me undead had overrun the area.