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Empty Kiln

Checked Kiln on my way to north. There was nothing except cistern, that had been invaded by monsters.


I have not updated the site because I can’t play because of the [PELICAN]-error.

Enthusiastic Akismet

Spam filter on Akismet has been too enthusiastic about putting comments to spam folder. I cleaned it up now. Sorry for you all that haven’t had your comment posted.

Updates and new ones

Changed the Shogun Siranto to The living dead and added Path of Love

Added new quests

Added Sanity lost and Love hurts, new quests at Ardoris.

Added new Solace Bridge

Added Escort over Solace Bridge, which replaces A thing with a Charlotte Gray.

Updated and verified quests

Updated and verified Soltown and Ardoris quests. Big thanks to those, who have sent me corrections to quests.

Delay on updates

I will update the quests in a bit, after I come home from a vacation. Please tell of the updates and such with either email or comments.

Added new Soltown quests

Added Love, poem and the bitch, Fire at the refugee camp and Midnight at the graveyard.

Updated Bonesteel dagger

Updated the Origins of Bonesteel dagger.