Where’s Kelly?

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Abela at Braemar. This quest gives you 7500 experience & Kelly Hayward's Memories dagger as a reward and has one comment.

Abela, the barmaid in Braemar, mentioned a young woman named Kelly who might be in trouble with bandits. She made me talk to Bodan Koren, a hunter in Braemar, for more information.

First thing I did when coming to a nice village of Braemar was to get in a bar to have a pint. With a cold frothy drink in my hand I found myself engaging in an conversation with Abela, a barmaid about her friend Kelly.

“Well, I had heard since she left Braemar she had been seen in the company of bandits! I hope that’s not true… You may want to ask Bodan about it, he may know more.”

I had no high hopes of finding a runaway girl in an island this big, but I promised I’ll keep my eyes open. I asked Bodan about “Kelly”.

“Bodan told me of a friend of his named Kelly who had moved up north. – he insisted that she never would have had anything to do with bandits, but bade me talk to anyone who might know in Kingsport for news.”

It took me weeks and in fact a totally different task to find Kelly in the cave called Owl’s Nest.

“Kelly Hayward of the Red Sashes, has asked me to deliver a message to her father’s best friend, Bodan Koren of Braemar. She is not certain if he can help her, but she has promised to give me a handsome dagger that once belonged to her father if I return with news he received the message. I should tell Bodan I bring news from Kelly if I see him.”

So I ventured south of Hidden Vale again to see Bodan Koren at Braemar. I told him I had found “Kelly”.

“The hunter Bodan in Braemar was pleased, in his own fashion, to hear his friend Kelly was alive. He asked that I deliver the following message to her – all is forgiven.”

I went back to Owl’s Nest. this time I walked the coastline and visited Hearth of New Britannia once again. I told Kelly the news Bodan Koren sent with me; “All is forgiven.” It’s nice to be a part of something as warm and lovely as this. Or not. I have found out new things about myself. I have come a bit bitter and cynical having walked this island up and down delivering messages and whatnots to people who has also legs.

“I brought Kelly news from her friend Bodan in Braemar, and received Kelly’s dagger for my trouble.”

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  1. Quest sent me to Kingsport where I had to speak with Anton about Kelly. He then sent me to Owls Nest.

    By Libefise at April 20th, 2018, 10:22

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