Wrasse eggs for Harry

A quest in Shroud of the Avatar, given by Harry at Kingsport. This quest gives you 5000 experience & 500 gold as a reward and has no comments.

The smugglers in Kingsport have requested that I bring them a cave Wrasse egg from the caverns in southern Hidden Vale.

UPDATE: Harry doesn’t need Wrasse eggs anymore.

Well as it was I knew the place from my past explorations. I walked to Dragon’s Cave, north of Braemar. There in the middle of a huge cave lies about a dozen Wrasse eggs, guarded by cave Wrasses. I ran and took one, held it with my both hands and nearly escaped without a scratch. Fast buggers, I tell you.

After cleaning the wound I went back to Kingsport and found Harry at the northern end of docks, just in the entrance to market. I told him I have “wrasse egg” and he rewarded me. Which was nice.

I decided to help smugglers out by delivering a Cave wrasse egg to them. I made a good amount of coin giving them the egg.


5000 xp

500 gold

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